Our Royal Family


Sire Forest King ( Zeus)

Zeus - we named him that because he is king. We got Zeus from a friend  whose cats are the reason we fell in love with this amazing breed, Neva  Angels cattery in Belgrade, Serbia. Zeus is the biggest cuddler. He  sleeps with us every night. When he was a kitten he would sleep on our  heads and purr like a tractor. He is Seal Silver Tabby Point in colour.


Queen Idyllia

Idyllia came to us from Manchzury cattery in Voronezh, Russia.  Idyllia is sweet and while she doesn't like to cuddle, she will never be  too far away, never wanting to miss the action. She is always the first  to jump in the bathtub after someone had a shower to play in the water. Idyllia is a golden black brown spotted tabby in colour.


Princess Aphrodite

Aphrodite is a very special amazing girl.  She comes from Neva  Angels cattery in Serbia, where our Sire Zeus is from. We adore "DeeDee" as we call her, she is constantly in my lap and sleeps with us every night. She super fluffy and cuddles everyone who visits. She is Seal Silver Tabby Point in colour


Princess Athena

Athena is our newest addition, she is a rare solid white Siberian. Athena is actually our Queen Aphrodite's sister. She is playful and our trouble maker, she likes to get into everything and jump to the highest areas. She is very patient also and is absolutely amazing with our young boys.