A Family Affair - Siberian Forest Cat Breeders

About Us

We are the Aleksic Family and we are a small cattery which breed the  amazing Siberian Forest Cats.  We live on a family farm in the lovely  green fields of Amaranth, Ontario. We fell in love with this breed when  my husband showed me the cat that his friend breeds in his homeland of  Serbia. They were so beautiful and majestic that we decided to bring the  joy of this wonderful breed to more cat lovers. This is truly one of  the best cat breeds. Our cats are in our home with us and rule the  roost. We have a little one that is just starting to move around and  loves petting his fur friends. All of our cats run to the door to greet  us when we come home, cuddle with us on the couch and also sleep with us  at night. 

Our current queen is directly from Russia with love  and our Sire is from a Championship line in Serbia. We currently are a  mixture of Traditional and Neva Masquerade and are excited for all the  different colours that we will see with our lovely kittens. We have a  princess who is a Neva Masquerade and so  we will have pure Neva Masquerade coloured kittens available in the  future. 

We are very excited to embark on this  adventure of being Siberian Forest Cat breeders and bringing a piece of  our family to yours!